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URAP-AUTOMATIZACIA, s.r.o. professionally deals with design and implementation of computer control systems, SCADA monitoring and ‘balance’ (aggregate production data) systems in all branches of industry – production and consumption, as well as control systems for machines, production lines, conveyors etc.

URAP-AUTOMATIZACIA s.r.o., now private company, has transformed from a state enterprise URAP (Institute for Rationalization of Industry) which was managed directly from a former Ministry of Industry. The institute was responsible for the development and deployment of computer control systems for technological processes, particularly for energy plants. Some people of our team are dealing with computer control systems for heat engineering technologies since 1984. We have a team of experienced professionals who are able to cope with the design and implementation of complex projects of automation in various sectors of industrial production.

We place great emphasis on the expertise of our employees who have their own experience with the implementation of control systems. We prefer direct contact with a customer before, during and after deployment of a control system into permanent operation. The years of experience with automation have shown us that this is the only way to success especially in technically complicated solutions like a large-scale distributed control systems, ‘balance’ systems (aggregates of consumed material, fuel, energy and produced material and energy) or in the area of the fast and precise machine control. The style of our work is building a long term partnership which is based on mutual trust and benefits for both partners.

Oprávnenie na montáž, opravu a údržbu elektrických zariadení v objektoch s nebezpečenstvom výbuchu

We are authorized for the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in explosive areas.

Bernecker&Rainer (B&R)

URAP-AUTOMATIZACIA s.r.o. is the official partner of Austrian manufacturer of control and automation equipment – Bernecker & Rainer (B&R).

B&R safety Diplom PV

B&R safety Diplom JK

URAP-AUTOMATIZACIA s.r.o. owns the authorization for design and implementation of safety systems according to IEC 62061 and ISO 13849.

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