MES system based on WW System Platform in Kosice


Our company has implemented the application software of the Plant Data Concentrator based on WW System Platform. A set of WW servers, including a redundant pair of Application Servers, is implemented on virtual machines (Windows servers) provided by customer. Virtual servers run on a pair of powerful high-availability physical servers with process data storage on disk arrays.
The system handles about 10,000 analog and digital values from about 80 technological units of several plants. The 19 process screens display analog values and evaluated device statuses. The system historizes and aggregates all required process variables with multiple aggregate calculation methods. On average, about 50 clients are connected to the server. The system is conceived as open and is continually updated with new data (communicated technology nodes) and functionality.

Support of MES system WW System Platform for NESTLÉ


Our company provides system and application support for NESTLÉ to integrate, expand and upgrade the enterprise MES system built on the WW System Platform.

Swimming pool technology management system


As part of the partial reconstruction of the municipal swimming pool in Žilina, a new control system for the swimming pool technology was put into the test run. The latest generation control system controls and monitors heating, water heating, filtration and all swimming pool ventilation & air heating units. Swimming pool technology is controlled by local panels directly in the plant as well as through the central operator panel. The central control panel has 2 workplaces and allows remote access for the needs of non-standard, limit and emergency situations.

ProteusWW - Turbo-blower control and monitoring system created in Wonderware InTouch under Windows 10


For the customer, we have developed and deployed a turbo-blower SCADA system built in Wonderware InTouch 2014 R2 under Windows 10. The system runs as a redundant pair of operator PCs (a 100% warm backup). Both PCs independently communicate with the PLC B&R X20 via local OPC DA Servers B&R.

The silo control system for storage of cereals


The main role of the control system is the transport of loose agricultural products (rape plant seeds, corn grains) through particular routes from baskets into silos and to expedition point. Further role is to purify agricultural products through a cleaner that has autonomous control and to sift the products between silos. The transport route is gradually configured by the operator and by starting or redirecting individual devices in a given path. The control system also guards the failures of individual machines and the maximum level in the silos.

Monitoring and control system of the steam boiler room


Within the plant-wide shutdown in textile factories VEBA Broumov (CZ), factory plant Olivětín, we replaced morally and physically outdated monitoring and control system for new, based on the B&R Power Panel PP520 (integrated device comprising a PLC CPU and operator panel with color touch screen, which performs control, HMI - SCADA functions and webserver function). The new system allows monitoring and control of boiler equipment from either touchscreen panel on the switching cabinet door or equivalent control from a standard PC client in the control room. Company managers can monitor the visualization from their PC on a corporate network through a thin client - internet browser, without the need of installing any additional software on their PC. Another option (in agreement with the company IT department) is monitoring visualization through the Internet on smart portable devices (smartphones and tablets).

Steam Turbine Control System


Within the reconstruction of turbine control system of 28MW condensing steam turbine, from the original mechanic-hydraulic table to electric-hydraulic system, a Turbine Control System (including turbine speed governor) based on B&R X20 PLC PLC with a powerful CPU and fast counter inputs was designed and put into operation. The system measures the turbine speed by three independent channels 3.4 kHz and provides turbo-generator speed control and active power control together with two independent steam extraction controls.

Electric arc furnace control


Two compact industrial computers B&R APC 910 - SoftPLC - B&R Automation Runtime ARwin - running as a virtual PLC under OS Windows, monitor and control the weighing process of raw materials and electric management of the 16.5MW electric arc furnace EOP23 at OFZ, a.s., Siroka - the largest Central European manufacturer of ferroalloys.

Telemetric system


Supply of telemetric system for high pressure gas pipeline between Hungary and the Slovak Republic, interconnection with an existing system of telemetry stations, commissioning and startup.

Reconstruction of Intrastate delivery and measuring gas station (VPS) Rimavska Sobota


Modification of the VPS control system, gas flow regulators with limiters for maximum and minimum gas pressure, protection functions for measuring devices and some functions of the master system. Turnkey implementation - including engineering documentation, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning, pre-comprehensive and comprehensive tests. Reconstruction of gas flow measurement was also a part of this project.

Successful Proteus SCADA applications in the Russian market


Bumazhnaya Fabrika, Krasnodar (Paper factory)
Monitoring, control and energy management system of Combined Heat and Power units

Vyngapurovskij kompresornyj cech, Sibur (Compressor plant)
Monitoring, control and energy management system of electricity production

Control system of intrastate delivery reduction station Mikusovce


Control system of transfer station to the national gas distribution. The control system also provides data collection from a commercial measurement, gas analysis and remote station management from a central control room of gas transport.

EN ISO 9001:2008


URAP-AUTOMATIZACIA successfully passed the audit of Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2008.

PLC exchange at border gas transmission station of Slovak transit pipeline - Velke Kapusany


At the border gas transmission station (HPS) Velke Kapusany we have realized the replacement of the original PLCs for a new fully redundant Bernecker&Rainer PLCs. The new PLCs provide local data acquisition from gas recalculation devices, gas chromatographs, evaluation devices and, of course, sensors (temperature, pressure). The collected data is stored locally on a network accessed storage hard disk with a period of 2 seconds. This data serves as a local archive in case of communication failure between the PLC and a SCADA system. PLCs monitor and control ball valves of particular measurement lines in measurement corridors and at a pipe yard. PLCs are connected to the new SCADA system D2000

Remote monitoring and control of gas line closing valve stations at Slovak transit pipeline


Gas transit pipeline in Slovakia is a system of pipelines with many line closing valve stations along the pipeline route. There are about 30 line closing valve stations. The system provides remote monitoring of physical parameters (temperature, pressure) of the gas that is transported across the Slovak Republic. The system also provides remote control of gas transit line closing valves.
Telemetric stations are remotely parametrizable - number of inputs/outputs, type of inputs/outputs, range... These parameters for each telemetry station are managed by the administrator for telemetry in control room.

Bucina, a.s. Zvolen


Within the framework of the EU Operational Programme "Competitiveness and Economic Growth" there was a project of electricity generation from the biomass fuel in condensation cycle realized in 2010-2011 at Bucina Zvolen plant. The project consisted of rebuilding and combustion process modernization of the steam boilers K3, K4 and replacement of a 0.7MW back-pressure steam turbine for condensing steam turbine with one controlled process steam extraction. The generator's power is now 5.4MW. Exhaust steam condensation takes place in air-cooled condenser.
Our company realized the control system of the steam turbine, air-cooled condensation and cooling unit.

New features in SCADA Proteus


During the 2011 the Proteus system has been improved in several details and two new features were added:

  • Shift Log - chronologically sorted operator text notes organized in the form of daily files with registered time, shift and name of the operator that made the record.
  • Simple Text Messenger - between local operator and remote manager connected with a thin client (Phindows) via intranet/internet with the announcement of a new message in alarm system.

Monitoring of electricity consumption for Tertiary Power Control – OFZ, a.s.


Implementation of the monitoring system of electric energy consumption depending on the requirements of the Slovak electricity transmission system regulator (tertiary power control TRV30 within ± 7MW with a minimum trend of 1.5 MW/min.) The system monitors and calculates summaries of the electricity consumption (quarter-of-an-hour and hourly consumption of electricity and other electrical values) of two units of appliances and calculates the deviations from the required power consumption.

Control system of intrastate delivery & storage reduction station Gajary


The system controls operation of the gas transfer from/to the transit, to/from the underground storage of natural gas. The control system also provides data acquisition from a commercial measurement points, gas analysis and remote control from a central control room of gas transmission operator.

ISO 9001:2008


URAP-AUTOMATIZACIA successfully passed the audit of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

Control system of electric energy production


Implementation of automatic control of electric energy production according to the requirements of the Slovak electricity transmission system regulator (power control of turbo-generators), modification of the control systems of turbo-generators in order to provide tertiary power control (TRV30MIN tertiary active power control, 30 minute, negative).

Gas delivery and distribution dispatch system – industrial park Levice


Functional improvement and connection of new consumers of the Gas delivery and distribution dispatch system in the industrial park Levice.