Systém Proteus


Main process screen covers the most area on the first virtual screen of Proteus SCADA system. It is an essential graphics in any application. It forms an active (live) background for another windows. It is also one of the most important carriers of information content. As a rule, main process screen clearly shows the whole plant and a lot of the measured values (or even all in a small projects). The scheme should highligt an overall functionality and, if possible, even the physical layout of the plant.

In a larger-scale projects there are more live (main) process screens (e.g. 'Boiler Room', 'Machine Room', 'Chemical Water Treatment', etc.) The first main process screen (automatically shown after the user's login) is on the first virtual screen, the others may be on the second, third... ones. All the main process screens cannot be moved, minimized nor closed by operator. Another (floating) process screens may be created as a popup windows that are opened over the main process screens after pressing an appropriate button or icon. These popup screens (windows) may be freely moved over all the nine virtual screens of the entire Desktop area, minimized or closed.

There are two types of graphic components on the process screens:

  • Active components - live objects that change their behavior according to plant changes (analog or digital inputs/outputs or calculated variables),
  • Passive components - complement the graphic design and/or form a background for the active components.