Basic properties

ProteusWW is a system for monitoring, control, data acquisition, archiving and presenting the data in the field of industrial automation.

  • Hardware platform: PC compatible workstations and / or servers.
  • Software platform: MS Windows™ operating systems + Wonderware System Platform / Wonderware Intouch.

Benefits of global platform - immediate support for a new hardware, a lot of application software and utilities, well known standard tools for storing (MS SQL) and presentation (MS Office) of the data.

Open product with the possibility of a gradual growth usable in many sectors of industry for applications of medium and large scale.

Solution for operators, dispatchers, middle and senior management, technological data reporting for enterprise level of management.


Architectures from a single PC to an extensive network of computers, Automation Object Server (AOS), Historical data server and optional Web server.


  • operators / dispatchers (graphic SCADA/HMI),
  • engineers (comfort data analysis),
  • management thin clients (web browser - intranet, Internet).

Recommended minimum architecture is three PCs (2x AOS with operator functionality (redundancy), separate Historical data server).

Option of redundant communication with PLCs.

Advanced functions of ProteusWW are functionally linked with our software function blocks for PLCs of Austrian manufacturer B&R.

Communication with PLCs of many manufacturers.

Object oriented system with a common address space in a computer network within the application.

VTQ concept (Value / Timestamp / Quality).

Option of separate engineering (development) PC.

Automation Object Server (AOS)

  • Windows desktop OS.
  • ossibility to distribute the load on multiple PCs (AOS computers).
  • Redundancy is a standard feature of AOS.

Historical data server

  • Windows Server OS.
  • MS SQL database with Wonderware extension for real time control systems.
  • Historical data are stored on the principle of value-change by default.
  • Late data recording (when Historical server was unavailable).

Operator workplace

  • Windows desktop OS.
  • Operator workplace redundancy is recommended feature of the system.
  • Any number of operator workplaces.
  • Graphics with high resolution.
  • Technological screens with 3D appearance possible.
  • Technological screens with high-density graphic information without the need for opening/switching a lot of windows/pictures.
  • User friendly and intuitive control using well known standardized controls.
  • Technologically appropriate color coding of states of individual objects.